Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Go for it, Go for Life

To truly live one must be willing to go for their dreams.  No matter what your dream may be try it and you may get lucky.  I am going skydiving for the first time  Saturday March 14, 2015.  It has taken me 18 years to billed up the courage.  I feel like if your afraid to reach out and grab the things you want, you can never say you truly live.  I feel you were just here wasting space.  I am not sure who reads my blogs, but I hope you will take the time to watch the skydiving video.  I am sorry it has been a while since I have posted because I do love my readers.  Please stay tuned good things are coming.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Life is about choices

In life we often have to make choices, some good, some not so good.  The thing is they still have to be made.  How often do you ask yourself did I make the right choice?  Well, sometimes there is no good answer.  For example, I made the choice to go back to school for something I really like; but what I love I did not.  My reason was that what I like can pay bills now, what I love might. So, that puts a brow up as to rather or not the choice is right.

I do know, I was taught the worse choice is one not made; because life could choose the wrong one for you.  I know I will always have my love, because it is in me, yet I still wish I could touch it now.  One thing I do know is, the like can one day pay for the love.  The moral of this is, you're going to make good choices and bad choices, but don't regret your choices.

This Rodney Larkins with Soul Filled Life

Monday, January 5, 2015

Time to detox the body for the new year

Last year we all made some bad choices when it came to eating, well the truthful ones anyway.  Do not worry this is a new year, the past is behind you.  I must say my weakness is cookies.  I eat 2 to 3 big cookies (subway size) a day.  I am not a big guy at all, but I want to change because I am 36 and we all know when you get older it is hard to take off weight.  I am going to start using things to substitute for the cookies, such as using fruits and other healthy snacks.  I am starting to like carrots they are pretty sweet.

When you find what works to substitute for the bad food, then it is time to work on an exercise plan.  Some people think that exercise means a lot of running, "wrong."  Whatever is a good source of exercise for you, then that is what you should try.  Remember if you do not get the heart rate up the body does not work those calories off.  Swimming, basketball, soccer, are all good ways to get good exercise, but there are others too.  Do not over do it the first week out, take your time.  If you overdue it then you will give up.  Do not look for fast results because that is not realistic. 

A good way to ensure that you can make it is to find a workout partner, who is just as serious or even more than yourself.  Do not partner up with a softy, "you want results remember."  Drink plenty of water, but look up what a healthy amount is.  To much water will throw off you electrolytes.  This is your year to look good.  To mold who you want to be, first you must start on the inside.  When you can control what you eat, then you have taken the first step to feeding the mind as well as the soul.  This is Rodney Larkins with Soul Filled Life Time to detox the body for the new year. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Step outside of racism's box

For many years something that has been a passion of mine is the topic of race.  If you have brown skin, and I have white skin we should not be friends or in a relationship.  I often wondered how does any of this make sence. The only race is the human race.  Many years have went by and things once seem to be going in the right direction.  Now it seems after recent events of cops doing dumb things and people reacting in an even dumber way we have now been set back.  I feel there is no reason for racism to exist.  We are all people that should be able to coexist together.   The problem is no one wants to play by the rules of life.  Meaning if you steal you go to jail if you kill you go to jail etc.

This world is full of people that think they can do whatever they want with no repercussion.  These rules were put in place to protect us from bad things.  However some people think, oh the white man don't want me to come up, oh the white man is the reason I do not have a job.  How about educate yourselves, pull up your pants and comb your hair.  I am a black man that will never stop educating myself.  I have dreads and still do not get categorized as a thug, why because I carry myself well.  I have people all the time asking me how to change their lives, and most of them are white.  I know racism happens everyday everywhere, but I feel black people make themselves a target.  How can you rob a store, point a gun at a man that is suppose to protect the community (black or white) and not expect to get shot.  At the end of the day if I am a cop and swore to protect, and you pointed a gun at me your going to die.  The reason is if you feel you can point a gun at a cop and get away with it, you will feel you can do it to anyone.

For every cause, there is an effect.  But it starts at home.  People we have to teach our kids to respect authority.  Black people we have to teach our children to respect others.  I do not expect everyone to understand what I am trying to say because lets face it, a lot of black people are ghetto.  But lets think about this, why do we not make education a main focus.  There are a small percent of us that will talk the talk, but when lil bonequesha come home with a "C"  we are quick to say oh that's ok at least you passed.  What the hell.  Let Billy come home with a "C" dad wants to kicks his teeth in. 

The difference is black people, a lot of us think push your kids to play sports and your set.  Other cultures know the value of knowledge.  If you make a million but not know how to make it grow for you why have it.  What I see happen all the time is people make it in football and in other things, and are broke in no time.  That means they did not have enough knowledge to know how to make what they have grow, they just knew how to as we say in the black community (ball out).  I want to see people especially black people, step out of the box.  I want to see people do the right thing, make better choices.  Remember if you want change, you have to change your household first.  This is Rodney Larkins with Soul Filled Life Step outside of racism's box.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Today is a new day

Today is a new day.  All the cares of yesterday is gone.  Do not focus on what was, focus on what is ahead.  If you were broke yesterday, what are you gonna change today so that does not happen again.  If you were sad yesterday, what are you gonna do to be happy today.  Life is all about continuous change, nothing stays the same unless you let it.

In life some times you have to have a little hope.  Will change sometimes scare you, yes of course.  Do not feel bad everyone is there at least once in their lives.  We can all learn from each other no man can answer everything.  Lets start by looking in the mirror and truly being honest about what it is you wish to change.  Then I want you to say what it is you are gonna do to make it happen.  Then take baby steps at first till you reach the goal.

It is best to take baby steps, because when you fall you can get up quicker.  Do not be afraid to fail, it is a learning experience at first you may fail.  Do not stop moving, you will eventually succeed.  Be proud that you are taking a step to a new day in your life.  This Rodney Larkins with Soul Filled Life Today is a new day

Thursday, December 25, 2014

What is Christmas to you and what are you most grateful for?

Christmas to me is all about family.  It is a time to share everlasting memories.  It is a special time to show your love ones that they mean more to you than anyone else.  It is a time of year to put aside all differences and come together.  No matter what your religion is, this time of year we can all agree it is a time for a celebration.  I am thankful for my wife and all my children.  I have 11 all together one of which died at birth and is with God but I know she watches over us.  I have two beautiful grandchildren.  I have so much to be thankful for.  I am surrounded by love.  It feels good to have this type of warmth in my life.

I love giving even more than I love receiving.  The feeling of giving is indescribable.  I love to see the smile the other person gets when I give them a present.  I gave my wife perfume makeup and a gift card to a spa, and she was so excited.  My wife got me two pair of shoes and a fishing pole which are the things I want most.  I felt happier when I saw her face.  I guess her happiness is more important to me, as it should be.  My children got to many things to name lol, but to see their little faces light up was priceless. 

I can not imagine a Christmas without my family.  Take your time out today and hug and kiss you love one.  Enjoy your blessed day.  Embrace the fact that you have all that love around you, some people don't.  I pray right now that the people that do not feel loved know that someone up above cares.  If you are out there and have no one to talk to message me and I will share some of my time with you, because no one should have to be alone on Christmas.  I love you all, this is Rodney Larkins with Soul Filled Life What is Christmas to you and what are you most grateful for?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What is the true meaning of success

One may say success is defined by riches, "Money."  I say one way to define  success is being able to control your time.  Time is something in life someone can never get back, so it is more important then gold.  People in this life often seek to be rich and forget what is most important to them.  For me what is most important is family.  If I have my family I have all the riches I need.  I see people on a daily that has plenty of money, that wish they could trade it for more time with their family's because all they did was chase money.  If you have an extra moment to spend telling your love one's how you feel do so, because tomorrow is not promised.  Why is it so hard for people to say I love you and mean it?  Having good friends is another form of success.  You are who you surround yourself by.  My friends, close friends, I tell them I love them all the time.  I do not want to lose a close friend and not have said I love you.

Success is also the legacy that you leave behind, what people remember you by.  Were you a mean person, loving person, or a giving person.  All these things matter.  I think some people are unhappy, because they can not identify success in their lives.  If some people could just find their success, there would be less crime.  What would be the reason to steal if you had your own success.  It does not take  a lot of money to be happy.  It is free to take your kids to the park. It is free to go to the beach.  Take your time and find out what your success is, make a list but make sure money is not on top.
This is Rodney Larkins with Soul Filled Life What is the true meaning of success